Chemical Peel

Chemical peels, as the name explains, involve applying a chemical solution to the skin that makes it blister and peel off. This is usually done to make the skin look more beautiful, younger and healthier than before. The skin treatment is getting increasingly popular among people of all ages in Los Angeles

Chemical peels help the old dead skin to eventually peel off. This is important for the new skin to emerge, which is generally smoother to touch and feel. It may also have reduced wrinkles than the old one. You can get chemical peels done on the face, neck, and hands. Some of the most popular benefits shared by our clients include –

  • Help reduce fine lines, especially under the eyes and around the mouth area
  • Reduce wrinkles because of sunstroke or aging effects
  • Remove certain acne spots
  • They help remove some age spots, freckles, and dark patches because of pregnancy or birth control pills
  • Improve the overall skin texture and appearance

When you choose to go for skincare treatments in Los Angeles like chemical peeling, remember that results may vary for all. For instance, those with darker skin complexions may notice an uneven skin tone following the procedure than their fair-skinned counterparts.
Moreover, for those who have severe wrinkling, skin sagging, or bulges are less likely to respond well to chemical peels. In this case, they might want to go for other cosmetic surgeries, namely laser resurfacing.
Besides that, procedures like facelift, brow lift, eyelid lift, or soft tissue filler can also help. Consult your dermatologic surgeon at Skin Science LA for more advice on the particular treatment for your condition.

Our team is proficient in carrying out the procedure at our skincare clinic in LA. They will first cleanse your skin thoroughly. They would then apply one or more chemical solutions on to a small area of your skin. This is done to ensure that your skin responds well to the chemical without any adverse reaction or allergy.
The chemical peel, upon drying up, creates a controlled wound. This causes the skin to peel off on its own. The wound would automatically heal up, paving way for new and healthier skin to the surface.
During chemical peels, some clients may experience a slight burning sensation, which usually lasts a few minutes. Do share this with your doctor at our clinic if you have a similar experience. They may recommend applying cool compresses on your skin after the procedure. This helps ease out the tingling.

Your skin may become temporarily more sensitive to sunlight after you get chemical peeling done. Therefore, it’s a good idea to restrict your skin’s exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible. Avoid being in the sun between 10 am and 2 pm. If you need to step out during these hours, always wear a wide-brim hat and apply sunscreen each time.
Note that the sunscreen you use should have the label as ‘broad-spectrum’. This means that it has the potency to protect against UV radiation. Besides that, it’s a good idea to go for physical sunscreen which is above SPF 30.

Our team of experts has expertise in dealing with different skin types. We first assess each skin condition to be treated before starting chemical peeling. Call us at (323) 536-3332 to get the best skincare in Los Angeles.

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