Our skin keeps aging just as we do. Therefore, some wear and tear are bound to happen – wrinkles, dullness, and breakouts, to name a few. Thankfully, there are some excellent (and effective) skincare procedures in Los Angeles to restore your skin’s beauty and vitality. One such treatment is Dermaplaning carried out for skin exfoliation. Here’s all you need to know about it before you decide to go for it.

It’s one of the latest and preferred skincare treatments in Los Angeles. It essentially exfoliates your skin to remove all dead cells and fuzz. The treatment is more or less like shaving your face. A licensed doctor at Skin Science LA would carefully and gently scrape your skin surface using a surgical scalpel. Consequently, this helps scrape off all dead cells and remove impurities.

The treatment has multiple benefits for your skin in terms of improving its appearance and texture too.

  • The process helps in the removal of facial hair as well – dual purpose served in one go
  • Helps you get a softer and smooth-looking skin without using any harsh exfoliators
  • It helps remove peach fuzz
  • May improve the brightness of the skin tone
  • It helps detoxify the skin
  • Application of skincare products in the future may produce better results because of the removal of dead skin cells

Like any other procedure, Dermaplaning too may show varying results for different skin types. However, rest assured your skin is safe in the hands of a professional at Skin Science LA. One of the best skin care Los Angeles clinics, we have a team of experts who’re well-versed in the technique.
Dermaplaning has proven effective results for people with sun-damaged skin, fine lines, dry patches, or dull-looking skin. In all these cases, the procedure provides all the aforementioned benefits.
However, for some whose skin is highly sensitive or reactive, the technique might cause skin irritability. This could be true for people with skin conditions such as rosacea or keratosis pilaris. We hereby recommend you to consult your doctor at our clinic if you have such skin type. They’d be able to better offer guidance on whether or not to go in for the procedure.
Similarly, for those who have inflamed acne conditions, Dermaplaning is not recommended. Using a sharp scalpel over the face might irritate the breakouts and further worsen the condition. In addition, the process has been proven to prevent further acne because it helps skin exfoliation and detox.

Dermaplaning involves the use of a surgical scalpel, which is very different from your usual razor at home. We strongly advise against trying out the technique at home on your own. It may be similar to shaving but it’s not the same. Let professionals at our clinic help. For any doubts, you may make an appointment with one of our experts and discuss them before the sitting.
Also, remember that the thought of a sharp scalpel might sound scary but Dermaplaning is not really painful. And, it doesn’t hurt too if done the right way. This is why you need to trust only the experts.

We are a team of sincere professionals who’re renowned in the region to offer the best skin care services in Los Angeles. We well understand the use of tools in the process and possess the required know-how to carry it out with extreme care and caution. Call us at (323) 536-3332 to book an appointment.

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