Oxygen Facial Los Angeles

Several rounds of facials and makeup methods can fail to produce that ever-glowing skin. The fact is that your skin glows on the surface only when it shines from within. And that is possible with proper care and at times with medical involvement. Skincare treatments devised at Skin Science LA go all-out to attain just that through our Oxygen Facial therapy.

This is a practice to offer nourishment to your skin. It activates and encourages the growth of collagen. The facial involves the use of a machine. The machine sprays highly concentrated molecules of oxygen into the skin’s outer layer. The oxygen spray comprises all the necessary vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts, and other nutrients. This facilitates the skin restoration process. Besides, it lends vitality for a younger-looking texture.

Besides those mentioned above, the procedure carried out at Skin Science LA has several benefits. You may choose to visit one of our experts for more details on the treatment. You can have an idea on how it helps your skin.

  • Skin detoxification – Our skin carries several impurities that are embedded deep within its several layers. These may be a result of pollution, exposure to sun, or diet imbalance. Getting an oxygen facial Los Angeles treatment helps your skin to detoxify, and also repairs and regenerates skin cells.
  • Faster cell growth – Our skin cells are constantly dying and newer ones replace them. The oxygen used in this procedure greatly helps in cell regeneration.
    Not painful – Oxygen facial is one of the best skincare Los Angeles treatments. It can gift your skin the required glow. It doesn’t come with any painful side effects such as irritability, redness, inflammation, or burning sensation. Therefore, the treatment is highly suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • Helps moisturize the skin – Your skin becomes deprived of its natural moisture content. This is because of constant exposure to sun, dust, and other pollutants. Most important, the dryness gets worst if your skin is dry type. Therefore, oxygen facial helps moisturize your skin deeply by restoring its pH balance.
  • Amazing glow – Because of the detox process and boost in oxygen content, your skin would automatically start glowing like never before. Also, the treatment helps remove the dead cells, open up blocked pores, all of which lend a glow to the skin.
  • Effective in acne healing – Experts consider the process to be the best for the treatment of acne. Blocking of skin pores because of dirt and oils leads to the enlargement of skin pores. This causes acne formation. Oxygen facial helps shrink the pores so it doesn’t collect impurities. Therefore, no more pimples, zits, and acne.
  • Evens out uneven skin tone – All the essential nutrients contained in the oxygen facial help treat uneven skin color and texture. This leaves your skin looking bright and smooth.

An oxygen facial performed at skincare clinics in LA basically involves 3 steps –

  • Light emanation – A stick-like machine throwing out light is used to infuse oxygen into the skin pores. The machine is rotated all over the face, which helps smoothen and calm the skin.
  • Serum – Serum is applied to the facial skin. It comprises hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, which help firm the skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Massage – This is the final step in the Oxygen Facial therapy. Gentle massage with lotions and creams help nourish the skin from within

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