People are gradually becoming more conscious about the way they look. Our skin has a very important role to play in our looks. It’s not only essential to have skin that looks beautiful. It should also be healthy from within. For this reason, beauty and other experts have come together to offer the best skincare in Los Angeles at Skin Science LA.
Microdermabrasion is one such skin treatment. This is safe and within your means too. It’s a simple invasive process. It helps to make the skin tone and texture younger. Before talking about its benefits at length, let’s first be aware of what it’s all about.

The procedure involves the use of a special applicator that has a slightly harsh surface. The tool is used to gently rub the thick outer layer of the skin. By doing so, the skin gets rid of all its impurities rooted deep within. This thereby activates cell regeneration
There is another Microdermabrasion technique too. In this, your dermatologist at Skin Science LA would spray aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate. They would use a vacuum or suction to spray fine particles of the above. This would help them to get the same result as the applicator. The only difference is that the latter avoids the use of a harsh-surface tool.

A lot of people looking for effective skincare services in Los Angeles opt for Microdermabrasion. It has a number of benefits for your skin, some of which include –

  1. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face
  2. Effective in hyperpigmentation, age spots, and brown spots
  3. Works in reducing enlarged pores and blackheads
  4. Removal of acne and scars
  5. The disappearance of stretch marks considerably
  6. Improves brightness of dull skin tone
  7. Helps restore balance to uneven skin tone and texture
  8. Best for people with Melasma
  9. Proven results in treating sun-damaged areas

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure. The specialists at Skin Science LA effectively carry this out. Our expert team delivers high results in Microdermabrasion Los Angeles services. Besides, we propose meeting our physician at our clinic before you book an appointment for the treatment. Consequently, you may talk about your apprehension and your skin type. Besides, you may discuss any prior conditions you may have had.
Your doctor might advise you to avoid exposure to sunlight at least a week before the procedure. Besides that, they may also recommend the use of any anti-tanning cream or lotion, and waxing a week earlier. It’s also a good idea not to use exfoliating creams and masks about 3 days prior to the sitting. Just before you go for the procedure, remember not to put on any makeup. Wash your face thoroughly.

Looking for the best name for Microdermabrasion Los Angeles? You won’t be disappointed with our services. Truly, our team of professionals is well-trained. Therefore, they can carry out the procedure with the highest accuracy. Furthermore, we also deliver a number of other skincare Los Angeles services. These include Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels, Skin Revision, and the like.
In short, our experts would guide you on post-treatment care required for each of these procedures. Therefore, you can expect your skin to be in perfectly safe hands for long-lasting results. In fact, we also provide advice on follow-up sittings, if any required. Finally, all our treatments provided at the clinic are designed to be reasonable.
Try us today by calling at (323) 536-3332. You may book an appointment to meet our expert team for additional assistance. We’d be happy to address all your concerns. Come and enjoy a lovely and happier you.

Our team of experts has expertise in dealing with different skin types. We first assess each skin condition to be treated before starting chemical peeling. Call us at (323) 536-3332 to get the best skincare in Los Angeles.

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